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Altering the Terms of Your Divorce Decree

A lot of time and effort goes into hashing out the terms of your divorce decree. That said, despite all the energy you and your former spouse devote to its creation, you will likely need some modifications in the future to accommodate your ever changing lives. At our family law firm in Houston has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you petition the court for the modifications you need as you continue to move forward.

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Generally, family courts allow former spouses to modify many aspects of their divorce decree, including child custody, child support, and spousal support. However, unless fraud played a part in the property and asset division process, it is highly unlikely a judge will modify it once your divorce is finalized.

Generally, for a judge to grant a spousal support or child support modification, the individual seeking the modification must prove a significant change in circumstances. Support can either increase or decrease, depending on the circumstances. If a former spouse remarries, spousal support will immediately terminate.

Here is what you need to know about modifying your divorce decree:

  • Child support: If you are seeking to modify child support, you must prove that your circumstances changed substantially enough to warrant one. If you are the paying parent, the involuntary loss of your job or the development of a disability that prevents you from working are both examples of changes that may warrant a modification. If you voluntarily left your job, a judge will not grant the modification. If you have additional children from a new relationship, you may request a modification to decrease child support, freeing up resources to care for your new children.
  • Spousal support: Much like child support, if you involuntarily lost a job, took a pay cut, or became disabled, you may request a modification of spousal support.
  • Child custody: There are a variety of reasons why either parent may request a modification of the child custody order. For example, if your work schedules changed, making it impossible or impractical to obey the current order, you will need a new arrangement that you can both comply with.

Your Modification Case with Our Houston Team

Whether you need a modification to your spousal support order or your child custody order, the team at The Pollard Firm, PLLC in Houston can provide the skilled legal guidance you need to update your divorce decree. The process of modifying a divorce decree can be complex and our attorney has the insight and knowledge necessary for navigating each step.

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